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We are group of passionate developers and designers who are ready to build your dream apps. At Hooya, We take our customer's need at the first priority. Your dream web app. We build it for you.

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Deploy faster

Everything you need to build your app

Hooya links to the most powerful partners in the developer space to build your App painlessly. Or, you can even build your service by editing on our no-code platform.

Push to Deploy

Deploying code couldn't be any easier. Just push your code to GitHub, Bitbucket, or Gitlab. We'll handle it from there.

SSL Certificates

Hooya integrates with LetsEncrypt, allowing you to obtain free TLS (SSL) certificates for your applications.

Simple Queues

Easily start and manage supervised Queue workers directly from Hooya. No more manual queue set up configuration.

Advanced Security

All Hooya managed servers require SSH key authentication and your firewall comes configured out of the box. We will keep you safe automatically.

Powerful API

You can manage your servers programmatically using our robust API, which provides access to the vast majority of Hooya features.

Database Backups

All customers on Hooya can safely and securely backup their MySQL or Postgres databases to AWS S3 or DigitalOcean Spaces.

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